(Francis Jocky)

Din Longuè Story

Time has passed Sombol and his wife have loved, lived through fire and created a child durring their journey. They have now settled in, living and thriving. They have acclimated once again to a new way. a new people. Like those around them they have learned to work hard and play hard. This day was set aside for playing, enjoying. Sombol and his wife take their child to the New York Zoo.

Sombol realizes, not only does this place offer a time of family bonding, laughter and conversation, but much of this experience will resinate with the imprint of the land he once called home; Africa! Sombol enjoyed watching monkeys swing from branch to branch, the birds tweet melodies as colorful as their feathers and the giraffes stretch their long necks to gather leaves to satisfy their hunger. Nothing however, would prepare him for the realization that his son would in moments come face to face with a creature that had so srongly carried him through his life's journey.

Approaching the fence Ntohol (Sombol's son) gripped the wire of the fence as the Elephant slowly and confidently approached. Sombol leaned forward and whispered: don't move Ntohol, close your eyes and take it in. Feel the rhythm of his breath... Ntohol did just that. The Elephant took his trunk and softly ran it over ntohol's little brown hand. After opening his eyes, the boy was never the same...
Sombol had become a success and in the process, honored his culture, and represented "Africa" (One World) to so many who knew nothing but stories of poverty and desperation from a people who have such a richness and wisdom to offer. This voice that had over years given people hope, perspective and life has honored and blesses "Mama"  She is now a Queen in her own land and Sombol is her crown!


Din Longuè Lyrics

Di ma wasa ndé din longuè
Di ma wasa ndé lèsè

Na mèndè o timba, na si dimbédi oa
Yé maladi djita, étumi na mboa
Wé pon ndé wuma tè, we pon so ndé mèsè
Étumi na oa, é ma bè so ndé nèni

Di ma wasa nde din longuè
Di ma wasa nde lèsè

Wé pon ndé dipita, o titi munia
Wé pon ndé muséa, o téténa bulu
Di mèndè be na oa, to e bè ndé na mudi
Etumi na oa, di mala so ndé wèni

Di ma wasa nde din longuè
Di ma wasa nde lèsè

I miss you, can you hear me
Somebody hear me pray
You’re my heart, you’re my soul, you’re my dream
I will, I will be there

Drums : Fabien Haimovici
Piano : Lindsay Thomas
Percussions, Organ, bass, Lead & background Vocals : Francis Jocky

©KoKoEntertainmemnt 2011
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