(Francis Jocky)


Diwo Story


Some years later, one winter day (snow falling) Sombol is feeling stifled, trapped. Irritated by hypocrisy and daily demonstrations of hate, his music has become his only refuge. He knows that the only way he can escape this imprisonment is to speak with the voice of melodies and passion. (even if it's only in the dim corner of the little jazz club down the street)


While playing there, Sombol began to open his soul. The superficial chit-chat of pretentious businessmen and there mistresses, became hushed, the clinking of glasses ceased and the artist reviling in his own pain was put on hold for a few moments. As they were all entranced by the talent and interpretive skills of this young village boy from the coast of Cameroon. The people began to encompass his piano, but this time the circle was not one of mourning and dispare, but one of hope and confidence in a time of tribulation. Though this experience was so satisfying to Sombol, something was still missing...


Diwo Lyrics




Sèlè laka mba, din longuè mo le ndé diwo


To ndjiké pasa wasé, musango mo mu titi




Longuè le ndé ka nin nguéa


Di londi na makobi wuma té


O ma dangwa so tè o si bola loko


Léna di yombea oa ponda tè




To oala o moin, o siba o wasé


To o bèmè ndé bèsè, to o si ben ndé tolambo


Nin wasé nyé ndé ni po wuma tè




Sèlè laka mba, din longuè mo lé ndé diwo


To ndjiké pasa wasé, musango mo mu titi




Longuè mo lé ndé din londo


O sibi ndjé ménguèlè oa boso


nguéguéti ndé yé oa ka dikom


I nendè pè ba na oa ponda tè




to wondea ndé moin, o siba o wasé


wéndédi mwèné kombo, o si bèni wuma wala


din longuè lé ndé diwo wuma tè




Sèlè laka mba din longuè mo lé ndé diwo


to ndjiké pasa wasé, musango mo mu titi




Ya bisèlè nba, yen’ esoka mo yé ndé iwo


To ndjiké pasa wasé, yin’itaba yé ndé iwo




Bass : Bobby Jocky


Drums : Fabien Haimovici




Background Vocals : Valerie Belinga


Percussions : Bendja



Piano, Organ, String Orchestration, Lead & Background Vocals : Francis Jocky

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