Munia Prelude Stiory
(Francis Jocky)
Little Sombol goes to school, by foot, walking through the Savannah each and every day. One day something unusual happens that grabs his attention and diverts him from his daily path. It's an entrancing sound... breathing... in... out... A powerful breath, one that draws him... draws him... As Sombol turns he finds himself face to face with an Elephant! Paralised by fear and reverence, the boy stands motionless as the elephant scans his face with it's trunk.
The boy feels something Great come over him & in one moment, finds himself falling into the same rhythm of breathing, finds himself feeling the power of each breath, finds himself being overcome by the understanding of this awesome creature... The spirit of this magnificent elephant permiates his being... He goes unconscious. Hours pass, fear settles into the hearts & minds of those who realize the boy is missing. That evening a team sent out to look for the boy finds him wondering and alone. While recovering this exhausted and frail child, a chill goes through them as the sound of that rhythmic breathing pounds in the distance...

Munia Prelude Lyrics

E ta ndé bunya bo
Bato ba wasé nyèsè
Ba busi Africa ndé ba botéa londo
Musango mu ta wuma yèsè
Bana ba ta ndé loko na loko
Munyènguè mu ta wuma yèsè
Ndé wènguè, wuma ya ndé mbémbé na mbémbé
E mala so ndé o bè nèni, e mala so ndé o bè nèni

Drums Programming, Synths, Percussions, String Orchestration, Lead & Background Vocals : Francis Jocky

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